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Students who wish to continue being mentored beyond 9 sessions will qualify for the 30% discount until they receive their coach certification.

Includes free 20-min consultation.

***Payment Options: Payment and contract will be directly with Doro!
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We offer 1-on-1 instructor support outside of class time as follows:
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Doro Kiley, PCC
Meade Dickerson, MCC
Certified Caregiver Coach Teleclass - $4,000.00
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MON and WED 6:30pm EST, starting May 21, 2012 for 17 Weeks
MON and WED 6:30pm EST, starting Oct 10, 2011 for 17 Weeks
3-Hours of 1-on-1 Instructor Support for $145.00 (added to your balance)
MON and WED 6:30pm EST, starting Feb 27, 2012 for 17 Weeks
MON and WED 6:30pm EST, starting Sept 24, 2012 for 17 Weeks